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creating high QUALITY and AFFORDABLE small home COMMUNITIES that encourage DIVERSITY and lower ECOLOGICAL footprints.
QUALITY :  Location specific amenities, clean, safe, well maintained.
AFFORDABLE :  We subsidize rent for good community members with low income to help them create new opportunities for themselves. We work with RV parks as they are, traditionally, the cheapest available places to live.  We focus on acquiring parks in desirable locations, that would otherwise be redeveloped. This helps keep communities diverse.
COMMUNITY :  Small homes naturally bring about community.  People spend more time outside, use shared amenities and interact in our community spaces.
DIVERSITY :  Our communities include a range of housing styles and spaces allowing room for personal expression and creativity.  We also encourage human diversity in terms of age, ethnicity, socioeconomics and interests.
ECOLOGICAL :  Small homes are intrinsically eco as they use less materials for construction, take less energy to heat and use less electricity. We also engage with regionally appropriate Land Use strategies such as promoting water infiltration, drip irrigation, low water landscaping, edible landscaping and passive solar.  We also use appropriate green technology such as solar energy, water catchment and grey water systems.
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